Monday, February 12, 2007

Jonah 2: Salvation is from the Lord

In this week's message, we continue our study of the book of Jonah, looking at chapter 2. Last week we discovered that the Word of the Lord has come to us as it came to Jonah. We, too, have been sent to a needy, but sinful world. In order to reach that world that God so loves, we must not runaway from that world, but run toward it .. . We must not separate ourselves from the world, but serve it. We must become "signs of the Gospel," men and women overboard, who not only share the Gospel, but show it.

Jonah chapter 2 is Jonah's cry to the Lord from the belly of the fish. Here again we discover that Jonah's story is both the story of Jesus and our story. God, in order to use him, puts Jonah in death to show him his true condition apart from God's grace. The same is true for us. In order to be used, we to must be understand our true condition apart from Gods' grace. The last line of Jonah's prayer is his deep realization and the key realization for anybody who desires to be used by God .. .

Salvation is from the Lord!

Date: 01.07.07
Series: The Gospel according to Jonah
Teacher: Steve Leonard, Pastor of Adult Ministries


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